We Believe

Mission Statement

Education is a fundamental tool which can be utilised to help bring change for the better. Learning is a lifelong process and we are all learners. We aim to provide an academic environment that engages and facilitates our pupils to reach their full potential and become better citizens who make a positive contribution to the wider society and community at large.


Aims & Objectives:home_5

• To provide young people with a holistically supportive alternative education experience
• Ensure that the specific personal, social and academic needs of pupils are properly identified and achieved.
• To raise achievement and attainment of young people irrespective of their academic status
• Raise pupil motivation through attendance, punctuality, self confidence and engagement
• To improve young people’s commitment to learning
• To provide ongoing professional advice and support to families
• To change disruptive behaviour and attitudes
• Improve academic results in English, Maths, Science and other appropriate accreditations and qualifications
• To ensure post 16 objectives including reintegration into mainstream education, further education or employment are achieved