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Future First Independent School

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Head Teacher

Future First School Opening School, Information for Parents

Before School Ensure your child is well enough to attend school. If in doubt, please call the office on 0121 551 4837 before bringing your child into school. If your child or anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, please inform school immediately. (Also call 111 or visit

Ensure children wear a fresh set of clean clothes each day – children will not be required to wear uniform during this period. Clothes should be comfortable enough for children to engage in outdoor, physical activities. Trainers are the best footwear. Children will also need to bring: sun cream, sunhat and a waterproof jacket/games or tracksuit top. Please label all items. We would appreciate it if these items could stay in school at all times.

No unnecessary belongings to be brought into school, please leave book bags, PE kits, toys/games at home. Children should bring in a reading book from home Lunch should be in a disposable bag and water bottles are to be taken home each evening to be cleaned and refilled. Children should bring in a pencil case from home to leave in their desks. A selection of pens, pencils, rubber, ruler, sharpener, small scissors and a glue stick would be beneficial. Ensure everyone leaving the house washes their hands before departure. Take the opportunity to remind children about safe practice such as coughing into tissues (elbows are a secondary option), ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’, not touching their face etc.

Journey to School

You must only travel to school with members of your own household. Parents should refrain from lift sharing with other parents/pupils. Avoid making stops at any other places such as shops before you arrive at school.

Arriving at School 

• Pupils should be dropped off in the turning by school field. Parents are encouraged to stay in their cars.

• Parents generally should not go past the school gate unless it is most important that they visit school. Appointments can be made if necessary. 

• We are minimising the number of people on site. Parents are not to come into school unless it is essential for them to do so. Should you wish to contact a member of staff please ring the office on 0121 551 4837 or email your child’s class teacher. 

• Children can arrive between 9 am and 915 a.m. Registration will take place at 9.20 a.m. 

• Once children are dropped off please depart swiftly, continuing to abide by 2m social distancing guidelines if on foot. 

• Children are to walk down the main path to the classrooms at the front of the school and enter their designated classroom from the door opening onto the front. 

• All children should observe 2m social distancing when walking along the pathway and then around school, although it is accepted within Government guidance that children cannot be expected to remain 2m apart consistently.

• Children will be divided into small groups

• After entering the classroom, children will be asked to drop off their bags and wash their hands.

• All children should try to observe the 2m social distancing when engaging with other children.

• A bell will ring for Registration.

• Children will be called into the classroom to wash their hands and take their seats. Teachers will direct the children to their allocated desks.

The School Day

• Children will be asked to wash their hands after activities and generally upon entering the classroom. 

• Designated play and lunch areas have been marked on the front field for each Group. 

• Children will not be permitted to mix with children from other Groups, although they will be able to chat etc when in their different socially distanced areas at break and lunch. 

• We intend trying to teach outside as much as possible. When indoors, rooms will be well ventilated. 

• Children will only be permitted to eat their lunch within their designated lunch areas on the field or in their classrooms. 

• When using the toilets numbers will be restricted, rotas will operate and children will need to observe social distancing where possible. If the toilets are busy, children will need to wait in the corridor until space becomes available. 

• Toilet visits will be managed/ organised by the Group teachers as necessary.

• Please ensure that your child uses their own water bottles. 

• Water dispensers will be cleaned regularly. 

• Please send your child in with lunch in a disposable bag. 

• Children will need to arrive to school with their own stationery, which they will not be able to share. Please see list for further details. 

• Regular cleaning and wiping down of doors and surfaces will take place throughout the day. Pick-up from School

• Parents should arrive at the following times to collect their children from the turning point Group 1 at 2.30.p.m. Group 2 at 2.35.p.m, Group 2.40.p.m at 2.45p.m and Group 4 at 3.00 p.m.

• Children will be waiting in their Groups on the front field.  

• Once children see their parent, they will walk up to the turning circle to meet them. 

• We would like to ask that parents remember social distancing at the turning circle.


• Children will be allocated to a class Group. Once formed, this Group will go about daily life at school as a unit: they will learn together, eat together and play together. 

• Groups will have no more than 5children. 

• Each Group will have a designated teacher although they will possibly be taught, outside, by one other teacher. 

• Groups will generally be taught in their designated classroom. Children will not move between Groups or classrooms.

• Children need to bring lunch, water bottles, sun hat and cream if necessary and wear comfortable clothes. 

Future First School  

– Return to School Safety Measures We have endeavoured to minimise risk and have conducted thorough Risk Assessments. Procedures and arrangements within the Risk Assessment will be reviewed and amended regularly. However, school is a communal place and therefore attendance will always carry some risk. Measures embedded in the Risk Assessment that have been put in place include: 

• Children will be regularly reminded about safety related procedures and expectations.

• Procedures in place to reduce cross-Group pupil interaction in communal spaces. 

• Separate desks for each child.

• Use of toilets will be carefully managed and toilets will be cleaned regularly. 

• Strict hygiene measures will be in place with increased hand washing. 

• Hand sanitisers and tissues located around the school. Classrooms have sinks. 

• New entry/exit routines will be in place to ensure that Groups remain separated. 

• Children will have and use their own stationery items, provided by school if necessary.

• Children from other Groups will not mix even during playtime – this is to reduce the chances of cross infection. If a member of a Group tests positive for COVID 19, all children and adults within that Group will need to self-isolate, as per current Government guidelines. 

• Sports and IT equipment will either be designated to a Group and where this is not possible; the equipment will be wiped down before and after use. 

• Play/lunch areas will be designated for each Group and the field has been marked accordingly. 

• Lunch will be outdoors unless the weather is unsuitable in which case Groups will eat lunch in their classrooms. 

• Corridors will be marked to indicate 2m distances as well as direction of travel. 

• Equipment and soft furnishings in/near classrooms will be kept to a minimum.

• Days will be structured differently and timetables will be not be the same as the traditional school timetable, but days will be similar to the current online timetable.

• The timetable will include a variety of diverse academic, physical, creative and recreational activities. Behaviour at school

• Children will be expected to support our community’s efforts to follow and respect the procedures in place. We remain extremely mindful that the behaviour of pupils keeps them and the staff safe.

Back to School Equipment 

pencil case, pen, pencil, ruler, eraser pair of scissors, glue stick, 2B/B sketching pencils notebook, reading book pack of tissues lunch in a disposable bag, water bottle(s) sun hat and sun cream.

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